Rising forth from the stygian void created as Knoa the Librarian absorbed the writhing azure fires of the spellplague, and cast herself and her tormenter into a new form hewn of metallic flesh and powerful, corded muscle that lined each limb and empowered each thunderous step, a new spellplague was born, thrashing forth upon innumerable spores, and carrying with it the magical nihility so easily associated with this powerful malaise. Viral, the plague writhed across blood, and plunged into cells, its knotted tendrils of DNA engulfing that of its host, tearing them asunder and reuniting them as a creature of unfathomable rage and unending power, a contorted monster whose spindly limbs like anguished vipers lashed about in tumultuous disarray, marking the creature's inept stride with thrashing retorts. Extending across the realm, with the terrifying ease of flame across tracts of driest parchment, the spellplague ravaged both material and otherworldly plains to equivalent affect, and thus the spurned Librarian once more pleaded of Pyroath to intercede, and was once more consternated by the renewed honor lancing across his mind with unnerving clarity and strength, and wielding the powers of God, Primordial, and Leviathan, the Unholy Abomination methodically consumed any trace of this new Spellplague, this Konverileth, endangering his own sanity to better guard creation.